Hi and welcome to ClearlyBex.

For those who remember me I use to blog here and about 2 years ago I gave blogging up to focus more on family life and my other business. Recently I have felt a slight itch and have decided to return to blogging, to find out what I’ve missed and make blogging what I want it to be for myself.

I am a wife and mother of 2 children, my son now aged 9 years and my daughter aged 6. I want to make blogging fun for them, also give them a little of my cyber space for them to blog but also create videos to share with our followers. My husband, owns and runs our family business and will no doubt make regular appearances along the way.

As i am only just getting back into blogging my follower numbers are low/non existant, but I am very open and trustworthy.

From time to time my blog may include reviews and sponsored content but this will all be relevant to my blog and family life.

I would be more than happy to review products, host competitions but only those which are appropriate to my blog and family. In the past my reviews have always been very frank and honest.

If you wish to discuss review, competition and sponsored post content with my, please feel free to pop me an email to discuss. You can find me at

Thank you.