Terrorism and National Tragedies

Will anything stop us Brits going abroad? The dawn of internet browsing and low-cost long haul flights has given us access to the rest of the world at affordable prices like never before. But for some, it’s not all sun, sea and sangria! Each year, there seems to be increasing reports of popular holiday destinations being ravaged by natural disasters and even terrorism. Last year Mexico, named as one of the top 10 holiday destinations, was ravaged by two earthquakes just weeks apart, causing  ...

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Creating Memories

Looking back on my childhood I have many memories, spending time with my family, days out, holidays in the UK or abroad, school days and much more. I like to think back to these times but of course I don’t remember them all. Creating Memories As A Parent Now I am a parent and I fight hard  ...

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When In Rome : Review

With Christmas only days away I wanted to share a great new game with you. Perfect for gatherings, to test out family and friends knowledge of the world and beat them to become the winners. All you need is this When In Rome Box and an Alexa device.  About When In Rome When In Rome is the first  ...

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Preparing For Christmas

This will be our second Christmas in our new home, we moved in only 10 days before Christmas last year so we really made do with what we had around us to make Christmas special for that year. Last Christmas We got the keys to our house on the Friday afternoon of the 15th December, shortly  ...

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Newport Town Christmas Lights Switch On

Last Friday evening, I picked the kids up usual times from their schools. We are fortunate in our little town that we only live less than half a mile from the schools. But this evening we didn’t make it home from school until 7.30, the reason for this being the Newport Town Christmas Light  ...

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