Autumn Half Term Fun – Our Story So Far…

So for the past 6 weeks we have been dreaming of the half term, a week of no school runs, relaxation and chilling with the kids… How wrong was I?!

With this being the first half term of the school year, I wanted to make this an enjoyable week. I didn’t want 2 bored and bickering kiddies so wanted to have something fun planned for each day, not necessarily something which would last all day but something that the kids would Keep reading…

Trendy Tot Thursday – Week 17

TTT Badge

Welcome back to another week over in the Trendy Tot Thursday (#TT_Thursday) corner!!

For any newbies who are unaware what Trendy Tot Thursday is about, its a weekly linky hosted by myself and Tina from MotherGeek where you can share your child’s/children’s favourite outfit(s) of the week. There are no restrictions to the outfit(s) (i.e. new, old, borrowed, charity shop bought etc) or age of the children, so long as you are happy we are happy.

For Keep reading…

Moxie Girlz Magic Hair Stamp Designer : Giveaway

Moxie Girlz Logo

Recently I was given the fantastic opportunity to review a Moxie Girlz Magic Hair Stamp Designer from MGA Entertainment.

Included in the set is the;

Torso doll
Additional part for the base of torso
Hair Brush
5 circular rubber bands
Heart rubber band
Flower rubber band
Hair glitter gel
4 foam rubber stamps (heart, flower, cloud and butterfly)
Stamp handle

Suitable for children aged 5+ and will be a great addition to your child’s Christmas stocking.

The lovely people at MGA have now offered me a great opportunity to run a give-away Keep reading…

Florette Salads Baby Kale : Review

Florette Logo

Since venturing on my Slimming World diet I have been trying out all ranges of herbs, spices, vegetables and salads all in different meals. A product I have really started to enjoy is Kale, I’ve been buying it by the bag load to steam with my evening meals.

Recently I have come across a new variety of Kale, from Florette is Baby Kale.

This Baby Kale can be enjoyed cold, with a salad or even straight from the bag as a snack Keep reading…

Holiday Must-Haves

Back in the summer we went on a short holiday, spending 5 days staying in Windsor and visiting various local attractions. In the 9 years myself and ClearlyDaddy have been together we have never holidayed abroad, we’ve opted to stay in the UK, visit parts of our country we have never seen before.

The main reason we opt to stay in the country is funds, I mean, how expensive is it to actually leave the country? We have no passports also, Keep reading…

Emmi Sweet Dreams Cradle : Review & Giveaway

Emmi Logo

Leah’s now at that age where caring for her dollies is really high on her priority, she loves carrying them round, cooking their dinners in the her kitchen, bathing them, taking them for walks and putting them all to bed. Unfortunately she doesn’t like dressing them, and much prefers them undressed… but this is another matter!

Recently I was contacted by Tesco and given the opportunity to review a product from their Emmi range, of which we chose to review the Keep reading…

Roads Are Dangerous Places

Since either of my children can walk I have always taught them that roads are dangerous places, they know to keep away from roads and when crossing a road to always hold my hand. It’s a simple thing which has been drummed into them.

Lewis is now at an age where cross a road alone is somewhat of a novelty and I know he is more than capable of the whole “Stop, Look and Listen” motions before taking that step of Keep reading…