The #SeaStars Arrive In Birmingham : Sealife Centre

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At the weekend we were very fortunate to be invited over to Sealife Centre Birmingham to welcome their new arrivals. Both Lewis and Leah love the Sealife Centre, it is a place we like to regularly visit as it gives them great insight into what creatures live in our oceans. Lewis has recently been on a school trip to Sealife Centre so he was eager to return to walk us round and show us all that he saw and tell Keep reading…

Easter Round Up

Easter Round Up Logo

Last year my kids received 5 Easter Eggs each but because we are not huge Chocolate fans my kids still had an egg left each at Christmas! This year I don’t intend on buying my kids eggs, but leaving my family to do that task for me and I shall be buying them a small gift each instead.

With Easter only a few days away I have been sent a couple of items to look at costing less than £10 each Keep reading…

Orchard Toys Frog Party : Review

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Over the past year I have been of Orchard Toys games for my kids, they are fun and immensely educational games for all young children. From matching items, learning shapes, counting and much more there are plenty of games covering various areas of National Curriculum Key Stages and Early Years Foundation Stages education.

Recently the kids and I have been playing another Orchard Toys game, this time focusing on counting and mathematics with the help Keep reading…

Week 13 of 2015 – Project 365

365 Day 81 Featured Image

Continuing with our Project 365 adventures, here’s what we’ve been up to in week 9 with The Boy And Me;

Day 81 PreBirthday and Family – My family visited as it’s Leah’s birthday, the weather played fair and we managed to spend the afternoon in Ironbridge eating Ice Cream.

Day 82 Birthday Girl – It’s Leah’s 3rd Birthday, she was spoilt rotten with gifts and a day out in Manchester at Legoland Discovery Centre and Sealife Centre.

Day 83 Gifts – After nursery Keep reading…

Where Have I Been??

Some of you may be wondering where have I been recently, my blogging is lacking some love and my twitter feed rarely gets any TLC right now… well I’m going to try and explain.

I’ve lost my fizz, I’ve lost my motivation… not for blogging, I love my blog but I’ve lost my motivation for being happy and outgoing.

I began this year on such a mental high, I was driven to my blog and it was clear I was loving everything, Keep reading…

Swizzels Spring Selection Tub : Review

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Having 2 children in the house usually means you have a dedicated shelf in the kitchen for sweets, chocolates and other various treats, in our cupboard it’s right at the top as I know with any chance the kids would be in it constantly. They are very sweet toothed my children and would happily eat these delicious treats all day long, and who could blame them they are very enticing.

One brand I have grown Keep reading…