ELC Press Day

Earlier this month the kids and I took a very exciting day trip out to London to visit our 1 and only “Xmas in July” event, for Mothercare and Early Learning Centre (also currently celebrating its 40th year!). A long but really exciting day trip out, as getting to London from Shropshire is rather a long journey we started out at 8am by getting the train to London (arriving at 11.30) and returning home at 7.30pm.

Upon arrival at the event Keep reading…

Banishing the Summer Holiday Blues with Roberts Bakery

Roberts Bakery 50 Days Logo

Back at the beginning of June, Lewis, Leah & I attended a bloggers picnic at Delamere Forest with Roberts Bakery. At this event we were demonstrated through making 4 delicious sandwiches, perfect for picnicking or even getting the kids involved in making their own lunch.

Now with the summer holidays upon us we have been given the task of sharing some great day ideas as well as more delicious sandwich ideas. Simply head over to the Roberts Bakery – 50 Days Keep reading…

Medicine With A Teaspoon vs Spilly Spoon

Spilly Spoon Logo

Today I came across a rather alarming news article, a recent study has shown how in the age of the 21st century parents are still exploiting their children to potentially harmful amounts of drugs by administering medicine using a tea/tablespoon! Around 1 third of parents regularly administer medicine to their children without measuring out the recommended dosage!

Since the arrival of my son 5 years ago I have always had medicine spoons or syringes in the house, and never once considered Keep reading…

My Sunday Photo – 20th July 2014


For nearly all parents this weekend brought the end of the school year, the end of 6 hours a day of quiet in the house, tidyness and organisation. Yes… this all sounds VERY OCD about me and also makes me sounds like I am dreading the coming weeks. I am not, I am already in full Summer Holiday mode, spoiling the kids to trips out, treats and making tons of fun!

Be prepared for the next 6 weeks My Sunday Photo’s Keep reading…

Week 29 – Photo 365

365 Logo

This week again we have been trying to make the most of the nice weather before the weekends storms arrived and I have been making preparations for having 2 children home full time for 6 weeks. I have a lot of fun lined up for the holidays and I hope to share our fun with you all on a weekly basis over on Photo 365… this also means lots more fun with my new camera!! – Yep I’m bleating on Keep reading…

BRITAX Travelling Safely : Beyond Group 1 Car Seats


Travelling safetly is really high on my agenda as a parent of two children and working with BRITAX, being provided with all the safety information is really helpful to me. I am now know and am 100% confident my children have been given the best protection with their car seats.

Following on from the “Bin The Booster” campaign recently, BRITAX have compiled their own tips on how to travel safely as children grow up, especially children who Keep reading…

My 1st Years : Review


Towards the end of last month I was contacted by My 1st Years offering for me to review for them, a gorgeous little boutique stocking gifts which were fashionable and affordable. Now as you all know my youngest baby is now 2 years old and happily filling her 2-3 wardrobe so this caused a little problem for me to review an item which would fit her. But low and behold, I came up with an ingenious way to work with Keep reading…