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Word Of The Week – 2/1/15

Heeyyyyyy Happy New Year! 2nd day of 2015, isn’t this year flying by already?!?! Haha! So, a new year brings a fresh start and a fresh perspective on the year ahead, but already I am in trouble as this week my Word of the Week is… I mean, come on… what day is it really?! I  ...

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Word Of The Week – 26/9/14

Evening to you all! Yes I know I know, I take part in #WOTW for months on end, disappear, come back and disappear again. Given the week I’ve had this is a very fitting word. This is for a few reasons; Firstly, I appeared to have temporarily misplaced my brain… All the thanks for  ...

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Word Of The Week – 5/9/14

Hey!! I know I know… its been a while! Blogging this year has really gotten away with me, since Easter my life has been chaotic. But I now need to concentrate on the linkys I do enjoy. For me I really enjoy Word Of The Week, thinking about what has happened over the past week and sharing  ...

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