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2019 Bucket List – Update

We are very quickly approaching the halfway point of the year, I cannot believe how fast this year is just flying by. It only seems like last week I was planning my 2019 Bucket List, and now I’m fretting that I may not complete as much of our list this year as I intended. With that in  ...

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Endometriosis Update – Jan 16

I just wanted to give another update since my last post about Endometriosis in September. Back then I had a lot going through my mind, a lot of “what if’s?” and “when’s?” as I knew the Endometriosis wouldn’t be curable unless a Hysterectomy happened and  ...

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My Summer Bucket List 2014 : One Month On

Back at the end of June I set myself a personal challenge, following on from some blog posts from other bloggers over the years. I thought this would be a great idea, some achievements to focus on. A Summer Bucket List. I planned to blog about this Bucket List monthly and provide regular  ...

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