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Orchard Toys Frog Party : Review

Rating: [rating] Over the past year I have been of Orchard Toys games for my kids, they are fun and immensely educational games for all young children. From matching items, learning shapes, counting and much more there are plenty of games covering various areas of National Curriculum Key Stages  ...

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ToddleBike : Review

Leah is now at an age where she is more active in garden toys, for her 2nd birthday she got a 2 wheeled BMX styled balance bike of which she hasn’t got full balance control of as yet. So when ToddleBike approached me with a more friendlier balance bike more suited for Leah I just had to  ...

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Photography – My New Hobby

I truly believe I may have found another new hobby. In the January sales I bought myself a new camera, a Nikon Coolpix L820 Bridge Camera. I’ve wanted my own digital camera for such a long time, but not just any camera. I wanted a camera that would take fantastic photos of my children,  ...

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