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Newport Carnival – June 2019

I’m very fond of the little town I live in, we’ve lived here for 18 months now but I can’t see myself leaving here ever. Everywhere I turn there is amazing community spirit, the people are amazingly friendly and the events happening during the year here, are something not to  ...

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Try Archery with Archery GB Big Weekend Event

If you have followed my blog or social media for a while you may have seen from time to time that we are rather into our Archery. Lewis being the absolute exception as he just loves his bow and is regularly seen up at the Archery field enjoying a good shoot. He enjoys talking to his friends  ...

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Ercall Wood, Shropshire

We love our woodland walks, the adventures, the games we play and most of all we love seeing how woodlands change over the seasons. We are lucky to have various woodlands pretty much on our doorstep so we are never short of adventures. Early in April we headed over to Ercall Woods, located at  ...

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My Sunday Photo – 20/12/2015

I am linking up this week to My Sunday Photo with OneDad3Girls with this photo; Recently I started a new page to my blog, titled Photography. Since completing a beginners and intermediary course with my camera I have been eager to get out and about to practise my new skills. I’m really  ...

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Family Outing… Up The Wrekin!

We do enjoy family outings, the cheaper the better and utterly top marks if its free! One place right on our doorsteps, which is free is The Wrekin. The summit of The Wrekin is 1335feet (407meters) above the Shropshire Plain and from up here you get some stunning views for absolute miles. Its a  ...

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My Sunday Photo – 28/6/15

I am linking up this week to My Sunday Photo with OneDad3Girls with this photo; This photo is of the Vulcan XH558 which I snapped yesterday whilst visiting RAF Cosford. Taking photos using my telephoto lens really is not my strong point, as I suffer with really poor quality when using my lens  ...

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Love Where I Live : Ironbridge

I have lived in Shropshire now for nearly 10 years (give or take the 9months where we moved back to Lancashire) but Telford is my home, the place where I brought my kids into the world, where my in-laws live, where most of our friends are and also our business. I do miss Lancashire, I miss my  ...

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