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Back to School – September 2018

This morning my kids returned to school, aged 9 & 6 they are now in years 5 & 2. I have never felt as old as I do now, the years are just absolutely flying by and my kids are just absolutely embracing their lives and journey so well. I feel so proud to be their “Mom”. Back  ...

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A Letter To Megan : August 2015

Dear Megan, I know this is a little out of the blue but something happened last night which has sparked this letter. Last night whilst I was at work I got talking to a colleague about my Pandora Necklace and she noticed around my favourite colour (purple) were 3 little people, she instantly  ...

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Trendy Tot Thursday – Week 56

Welcome back to another week over in the Trendy Tot Thursday (#TT_Thursday) corner!! For any newbies who are unaware what Trendy Tot Thursday is about, its a weekly linky hosted by myself and Tina from MotherGeek where you can share your child’s/children’s favourite outfit(s) of the week. There  ...

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Name It Labels : Review and Giveaway

Rating: [rating] Whether you have a child in nursery or school you will be all too aware of missing clothing, missing items from bags, or missing water bottles… We’ve even suffered missing shoes, where another child took accidentally went home in my son’s shoes last year. All  ...

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