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Car Seat Safety

Ensuring my children are in a safe car seat has always been important to me, making the right decision from the start ensures your child is not only comfortable but also safe. I am not just saying this because I am a BRITAX Mumbassador, this is a subject I actually feel strongly about. Before  ...

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Driving Home For Christmas With BRITAX

Are you travelling over the Christmas Holidays? Joining in with the big get away or travelling after the big day? Myself and the family are taking some time away at the weekend to visit my family in the North West and having BRITAX share the following press release with me has opened my eyes  ...

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BRITAX Advansafix : Review

I absolutely love being a Mumbassador for BRITAX, I really enjoy sharing with you all the new products that are being released and sharing exciting news of upcoming items. Today I am delighted to be showing you the new Advansafix, Group 1-2-3 car seat. This seat is brilliant for families on a  ...

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Roads Are Dangerous Places

Since either of my children can walk I have always taught them that roads are dangerous places, they know to keep away from roads and when crossing a road to always hold my hand. It’s a simple thing which has been drummed into them. Lewis is now at an age where cross a road alone is  ...

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Internet Safety For Children

Today I was introduced to a Guide which highlights how to keep young children safe whilst on-line. Some of the facts were rather shocking but hardly surprising and I’d like to share this guide with you whilst also highlighting a few pointers here with you. As we all know technology today  ...

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