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LeapFrog LeapReader : Review

With Lewis now being in school full time he has really come on leaps and bounds with his reading, writing and spelling skills. He loves practising to write but constantly wants me sat with his monitoring him and correcting him. This can be rather time consuming especially in an evening when I  ...

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Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker : Review

Firstly came the Chill Factor Slushy Maker, now the makers have progressed on from their success to now release the Ice Cream Maker. We have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to test and review, something I feel my children will absolutely love as they adore Ice Cream. When the  ...

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Hamster Bags : Review

With Christmas fast approaching I have had to make various trips to town to purchase cards, gifts, wrapping paper and various other items with my daughter and the pushchair. For people who know me well, I have specific requirements when it comes to pushchairs as we walk a lot and require  ...

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Hauck Cover Me Deluxe : Review

As a family of 4 we are no stranger to travelling long distances, as we have family living a large distance away and we regularly make trips to visit them. On our journey myself or ClearlyDaddy spend a good amount of the journey picking up dropped toys, books, snacks from the floor of the rear  ...

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Zenbev Sleep Aid : Review

I was recently contacted by a company called Zenbev to review their sleep aid product. I regularly suffer with sleep interruption insomnia and anxiety so i agreed to give this a try to see if it helps. What is Zenbev and Ingredients? Zenbev is made from 100% Organic ingredients, made using  ...

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