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Billy Smarts Circus Wolverhampton : Review

Tonight I attended my first ever circus show, with my husband and children we headed off to West Park, Wolverhampton to see Billy Smart’s Circus. Previously when I’ve thought about going to a circus I’d been put off with the thought of animals, I just don’t think the use  ...

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TabZoo : Review

Being a mother of 2 children I’d of course be lying if I told you my children had never had access to a tablet computer before. Infact with 70% of children regularly having access to tablet computers it is now becoming to norm for children to be seen with one and in some cases have a  ...

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Orchard Toys Farmyard Friends : Review

Recently I was introduced to Orchard Toys, makers of fun and educational games for children aged 18 months to 12 years. We were provided with a brand new game to test and review, Farmyard Friends also this is to be Leah’s first board game, aged 2 this is perfect timing. Farmyard Friends  ...

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Handlebar Heroes : Review

Back in January I was very fortunate to attend a fab event called Toyfair 2014 at Olympia, London. Whilst I was there I came across a great company called, Handlebar Heroes and quickly got talking away to Ela. At the end I was the proud owner of a fab Liquorice head for my son’s scooter.  ...

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Mr Nutcase : Review

As most people know, I absolutely ADORE my Samsung Galaxy S3, its constantly glued to me and regularly requires charging due to over use. What I also have is a growing collection of cases for my phone. When I was contacted by Mr Nutcase to review one of their cases for my phone, I jumped at the  ...

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Earlier in January I was so so pleased to announce that I had been chosen to become a BRITAX Mumbassador, since then I have been working closely with BRITAX to share campaign information and news, whilst testing out our first product to review. We were sent a KIDFIX SL SICT to review in Chilli  ...

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