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My Sunday Photo – Rain

I really haven’t got a lot to show for this past week, Sunday I attended Blog On Toys with no memory card in my camera so all my photos were snapped on my phone (poor quality photos) and this week really has consisted of work, more work, going self-hosted, archery and more work. So I  ...

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Hotter Shoes Cotswold Umbrella : Review

Ok, cards on the table… I just LOVE Hotter products, I really cannot get enough now. Since experiencing my first Hotter moment back in June and attending a Blogger Event at Hotter Solihull in September I am now the proud owner of 3 pairs of Hotter shoes. Right: Dusky Pinky Shake –  ...

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Typical British Weather??

How mad has the weather been?? Since returning to Shropshire I had been really worried about what the weather was like this time last year and feared it would return again. At its worse the snow was around 9-10inches deep and caused all sorts of problems with transport and day to day life. As  ...

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