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Pipsy Koala Automatic Nightlight : Review

Lastly in our collection of reviews from Pipsy Koala is this lovely little, Automatic Nightlight. This lovely light to cast a soft glow over your child’s room at night and when the sun rises the sensor detects this and switches itself off. Simply plug this light into an available plug  ...

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Pipsy Koala Splash Mat : Review

Continuing on from my review of the Foam Bath Animals our next review is for the Pipsy Koala Splash Mat. Initially designed to be a high-chair splash mat to protect floors from spillages from your child during mealtimes, I am reviewing it from a different angle. As Leah no longer requires a  ...

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Pipsy Koala Foam Bath Animals : Review

I am fortunate that my children enjoy their bath/showers, although in our house we only have a shower. Leah aged two happily still uses a baby bath whilst Lewis loves his showers, he’d happily shower twice a day if I let him! Recently I was contacted by Pipsy Koala to do a couple more  ...

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Pipsy Koala On The Go Booster Seat : Review

Over the Christmas period, whilst most bloggers were taking a break from typing and reviewing I continued to plod on (admittedly a little slower than my usual pace). This time we were testing the On The Go Booster Seat from Pipsy Koala which we could use during the holidays. This lightweight  ...

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