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My Sunday Photo – 1/3/15

I’ve not been around for a while, life has become rather hectic but I am taking some time out this morning (Saturday) to plan my blog for the next few days. I’ve been particularly keen to share this photo with you all which I took during a trip to West Midlands Safari Park during  ...

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My Sunday Photo – 11/1/15

I haven’t taken any decent photos this week, infact I’ve been feeling unwell and all my motivation flew out of the window for anything creative. That was until yesterday when I was looking through my photo from yesterday’s pictures at the library and this one caught my eye.  ...

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My Sunday Photo – 4th January 2015

This weeks #MySundayPhoto with One Dad 3 Girls is… A lovely home-made family portrait. For Christmas I received a home photography studio with lighting kit and backdrop. This has provided me with hours of fun so far having the kids pose for me… Leah has now somewhat gotten bored of  ...

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The Canvas Prints : Review

At the beginning of last month I was given a new toy to play with, ClearlyDaddy had bought me a new camera, a gorgeous Nikon SLR camera… an invitation to take millions of photo’s of which I have obligingly achieved. So when I was contacted by The Canvas Prints and offered to review  ...

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