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We have an Egg! – 30/06/2019

Recently we announced on my blog our latest new arrivals, our 3 new hens. They are only young hens, about 18 weeks old when we picked them up a fortnight ago so we were told not to expect any eggs from them until at least 22-26 weeks. But that didn’t stop the kids getting excited about  ...

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Trentham Monkey Forest – 31/05/2019

During the Half Term, we met up with friends at Trentham Monkey Forest for an outing. We enjoyed a great walk around the attraction whilst dodging rain showers. On our visit we saw new parent’s doting on their new Barbary Macaque baby, we watched monkeys following a member of staff  ...

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Lake Windermere By Drone – 26/05/2019

On our recent holiday in the Lake District we were absolutely blessed with some amazing weather, sunshine, warm but a steady breeze too. This brought with it some amazing weather conditions for flying my new toy, my drone over Lake Windermere. I bring you, Lake Windermere by drone; My drone is  ...

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Southport Beach – 18/11/2018

A couple of weeks ago we ventured up to Lancashire for a weekend with my family, during our time there we visited the Blackpool Illumations and then on the Sunday we headed to the opposite beach over in Southport.  As a child growing up in Lancashire I lived pretty much half way between  ...

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My Sunday Photo – Newspaper Article

Following Lewis’s participation in the Junior Intercounty Archery Competition last month the team coach informed all the parents that the local newspaper were interested in running an article featuring the Shropshire teams big win. On Thursday evening I was alerted to the article appearing in  ...

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My Sunday Photo – Autumn Morning

Every couple of weeks I am roped into doing our morning deliveries for the business, I do like my morning jaunts through various parts of Shropshire and I particularly like this route because of some of the stunning scenery to be admired. Twice a week we deliver over to Ludlow, travelling 40  ...

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Sunset Over Dawley Pools – 23/10/2016

I am linking up this weeks Point + Shoot with YouBabyMeMummy and My Sunday Photo with Photalife. ISO 100, f8, 1/1250 This week I have taken A LOT of photo’s, this week it has all been about myself and my camera learning new skills… Portrait Photography. Towards the end of the summer  ...

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Conker Fighting – 16/10/2016

I am linking up this weeks Point + Shoot with YouBabyMeMummy and My Sunday Photo with Photalife. ISO 3200, f/5.6, 1/200 Its only fair I continue with my Autumn theme in this weeks photo, last time you saw our humongous collection on conkers and this week you get to see what we do with them.  ...

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