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Week 32 – Photo 365

I must admit that this linky with The Boy and Me is one of my favourites, I love taking photo’s and also putting them all together in a photo diary is great. This weeks photo’s have been fairly few, I’ve been rather unwell this week so taking nice photo’s has been  ...

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Week 31 – Photo 365

This week we have had a rather busy week, firstly we started the week with no plans but shortly after sharing my “no plan” news on facebook I quickly had a very fully week.   So once again joining in with The Boy and Me here is our 365 for this week; 27th July (Day 207) –  ...

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Week 30 – Photo 365

I am very late to this party this week, as its been such a gorgeous week weather wise I’ve wanted to make the most of it and also it’s been my wedding anniversary which ClearlyDaddy and I celebrated together yesterday with a lovely afternoon/evening out together. So 24 hours later I  ...

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Week 29 – Photo 365

This week again we have been trying to make the most of the nice weather before the weekends storms arrived and I have been making preparations for having 2 children home full time for 6 weeks. I have a lot of fun lined up for the holidays and I hope to share our fun with you all on a weekly  ...

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Week 28 – Photo 365

This week has been a gorgeous week of lovely weather and happiness in our family. We are really making the most of the weather, having some serious outdoor time and also trying to capture some lovely photo’s on my new camera. So continuing with our weekly adventures with The Boy And Me  ...

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Week 25 – Photo 365

I am back for another week of Photo 365 fun with The Boy And Me. This week we have really made the most of the nice weather we are currently having, read on to find out what fun we’ve been having. 15th (Day 166) – We celebrated Lewis’s birthday again today with family  ...

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Week 24 – Photo 365

I have been absent now from Photo 365 for 8 weeks, I have been busy having a blog update, and generally taking a well earned break but now I’m back and hopefully see the rest of this challenge out for the rest of 2014. I can’t believe we are already 24 weeks into 2014, where on  ...

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Week 16 – Photo 365 Challenge

Still loving being part of the photo 365 challenge from The Boy And Me, find out what we’ve been up to this week;   With it being the school holidays I’ve had to contend with 2 children to entertain of which has been stressful but we’ve had alot to keep us busy… but  ...

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Week 15 – Photo 365 Challenge

Still loving being part of the photo 365 challenge from The Boy And Me, find out what we’ve been up to this week;   6th (Day 96) – Recently Leah’s been proving how flexible she is… perhaps I should sign her up to gymnastics?   7th (Day 97) – Having now  ...

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Week 13/14 – Photo 365 Challenge

Unfortunately last week I was absent from the Photo 365 Challenge with The Boy and Me, so this week I am making up for it by telling you all about our last fortnight; Week 13 23rd March (Day 82) – Leah turned two today, we had family round for a little party, lots of presents and toys.  ...

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