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MorphCostume Kids Block Head Costume : Review

Rating: [rating] As kids grow up they love to explore the world around them and imagine themselves being their favourite characters, whether that be through imaginative play with their toy characters or actually dressing up and physically being their favourite character. As Lewis has grown up  ...

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Decorating The Kids Bedroom’s

A job I have on my list for this year is to refurnish the kids bedrooms, making them more “child friendly” and appealing to their tastes. We’ve never really done this in the past, usually having to keep costs low which has usually resulted in half finished jobs and their rooms  ...

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My Day At Toyfair 2014!

On Tuesday I attended the 61st annual Toyfair held in Kensington, Olympia. This is the first ever Toyfair I have attended as a blogger so didn’t quite know what to expect, I have spent years watching BBC News broadcasting from the Toyfair, wishing to attend and now I have! I attended with  ...

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The Lego Movie – Competition Entry

As a child I had quite a lot of Lego, enjoyed playing for hours on end. Two sets I particularly remember was a beach set and a fire-station, then I’d pretend there were fires on the beach…. Yes ok, I was young and this was 20 years ago now! Now I’m a mother, a mother of a 4  ...

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