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My Sunday Photo – 8/3/15

We visited a local farm shop on Friday with friends where they have a little walk about farm and small animals petting corner. The kids loved feeding and stroking the chickens and rabbits. This place is only a few miles from where I live and had no idea it existed, safe to say we shall be going  ...

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My Sunday Photo – 18/1/15

This weeks My Sunday Photo with One Dad 3 Girls is; It snowed! We had a home day on Tuesday, filled with housework, toys, games and fun… then when we looked outside it was snowing. Leah immediately HAD to get out there. She loved running about, jumping in puddles and singing “Do you  ...

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My Daughter : A Fussy Eater!

Recently it came to light that I have never voiced my concerns on the blog about my Daughters diet… or lack of! She is a terrible fussy eater and has been like this since the day we started her weaning. From the moment I introduced solids Leah took an immediate dislike to any foods which  ...

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It’s A DogDog Tale

Does your child have a special toy which goes everywhere with them and has done for a very long time?! Both of my children do… From a very young age, both Lewis and Leah has never been far away from their beloved Mr Woof or DogDog. Lewis was given his Mr Woof for his first Christmas and  ...

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I’ll Never Make A Hairdresser

Having Lewis as my first child really has been easy in the way of his hair, it grows I take him to the barbers to get it cut! Its always been like that, I’ve never attempted to trim Lewis’s hair. Now having a girl in the mix means I want Leah’s hair to grow so I’ve never  ...

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