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Back to School – September 2018

This morning my kids returned to school, aged 9 & 6 they are now in years 5 & 2. I have never felt as old as I do now, the years are just absolutely flying by and my kids are just absolutely embracing their lives and journey so well. I feel so proud to be their “Mom”. Back  ...

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Slimming World Weigh In – 26/3/15

Right now I am feeling like the most terrible blogger, I opted to share my Slimming World journey with you on a weekly basis but I have failed to keep you all in the loop for the past month. There are a few reasons for this most of which are personal but I full plan to blog about them at a  ...

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Slimming World Weigh In – 25/2/15

Its been 4 weeks since my last weigh in at Slimming World, you will recall at the end of January I started a photography course which ran on Wednesday evenings at the same time as my weekly Slimming World meeting. For a while I managed to get to a group on a Monday Evening but quite frankly I  ...

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Weekly Slimming World Weigh In – 16/1/15

Well its another week and another weekly Slimming World weigh in. So last week was suppose to be the pinnacle of all weeks, I started out 100% motivated I was planning the week of meals and staying focused. But cravings for cake and chocolate really decided to spoil my week. This caused me to  ...

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The Lego Movie – Competition Entry

As a child I had quite a lot of Lego, enjoyed playing for hours on end. Two sets I particularly remember was a beach set and a fire-station, then I’d pretend there were fires on the beach…. Yes ok, I was young and this was 20 years ago now! Now I’m a mother, a mother of a 4  ...

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