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Canvas Print from Parrot Print : Review

Talking from experience a house doesn’t fully feel like a home until your walls are adequately decorated. Having wall decorations makes your home feel comfortable, the walls less bare and are always nice to look at. I adore having pictures on the wall, especially as I enjoy photography so  ...

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Canal Toys So Bomb DIY Factory : Giveaway

Recently I reviewed this fantastic bath bomb making kit from Canal Toys. This So Bomb DIY Factory is perfect for any child looking to make their own bath bombs at home and went down an absolute treat with my daughter! Making Your Own Bath Bombs Recommended for children aged 6+ this set is great  ...

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Canal Toys So Bomb DIY Factory : Review

Any parent of children will know just how much kids love to have a bath, especially when there is something fun to add to the water of the bath to make it more appealing. My daughter is aged 7 now and just loves having a bath, especially when a bath bomb is involved. She loves to sit and watch  ...

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