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Achieving The Perfect Garden For The Summer

As Summer is now upon us, we are enticed into spending more time outdoors. Making the most of the warmth of the sun, doing odd jobs in the garden or just sitting out and enjoying the surroundings. To make the most of being out, it is ideal to have a good garden to look at, and equally important  ...

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Interplay Snail World : Review

Rating: [rating] Recently we have been enjoying time in the garden, we’ve had a bit of a spruce up which has seen us relocate the kids trampoline to a better area of the garden to prevent it from killing the grass so much and we’ve also removed a few bushes (and plenty of weeds).  ...

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Sprucing Up The Garden

With Summer quickly approaching we are now coming out of hibernation, my back garden rarely sees us during the winter as we tend to shy away from the cold. Now the days are warming up, the nights are staying lighter later our attention is now turning to our rear garden and how we can get it  ...

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Inspiration For Outdoor Winter Play

During winter getting the kids off their games consoles and encouraging them to play outdoors can be incredibly difficult when the temperature plummets towards zero and the house is so warm and toasty. However, it is important that they get sufficient exercise and fresh air, so we have compiled  ...

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well, you asked me a question and I shall give you the answer: Crap! I live in a rented property so I don’t tend to “grow” anything in the gardens of rented properties because we usually end up moving house again within 12 months. But this time we appear to be staying put for  ...

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