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Hotter Rapid Shoes: Review

If your a regular reader to my blog you will know just how much I love Hotter Shoes. Not only do I enjoy reviewing for Hotter but I’m even a regular customer. I’m frequently seen wearing a pair of wonderful shoes, and it’s mainly for good reason. I have a weak ankle, wearing  ...

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Hotter Chase Shoes: Review

Following on from attending Blog On Conference in May, I took part in a competition to win a new pair of Hotter Shoes. I just love their footwear and have done for quite a few years now, and since the Spring/Summer collection was released earlier in the year I’ve had my eye on these  ...

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Hotter Shoes Dee Sandals : Review

With summer making a sudden appearance our thoughts have turned to making sure our wardrobes are ready for the sun, the heat, the days out, the adventures and also making sure we stay cool and comfortable. Armed with our shopping lists to bring our wardrobes up to date we know what we need to  ...

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Bobux Wildflower Mary Jane Shoes : Review

Rating: [rating] Over the past few months I have been upgrading the kids shoes from their warm winter shoes to nice lightweight spring/summer shoes. Leah imparticular has absolutely relished in the fact she gets to have new shoes and even more so has wanted to be involved with every decision in  ...

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Clarks Shoes : Review

Rating: [rating] With the seasons now changing I have begun looking at changing the kids shoes, over winter Lewis has been wearing either school shoes, fleece lined boots or trainers whilst Leah has mainly been in boots. Now with things warming up slightly the kids don’t necessarily need  ...

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Pisamonas Shoes : Review

Rating: [rating] We all know how quick kids feet grow, how expensive their footwear can be and how their shoes can become easily ruined or soiled. Following on from starting up my own children fashion linky back in the summer (#TT_Thursday) I am always on the look out for new brands who are  ...

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