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10 Reasons We To Choose To Holiday In The UK

You will no doubt have seen on my blog that we do enjoy taking holidays, but we don’t leave the UK (with exception to a day 5 holiday in Tenerife 4 years ago). But every other holiday has been in the UK. Everyone has different reasons to go on holiday, regardless if you are staying in the  ...

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Mothers Day with Hard Rock Cafe

Mothers Day is next weekend, a day where Mum’s can do absolutely nothing for 1 whole day of the year and get utterly spoilt by their partners and offspring… YEA! We wish! Mum Rocks at Hard Rock Cafe But if you are up for being spoilt somewhere, the Mothers Day celebration happening  ...

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Christmas With The Co-Operative

Last Friday afternoon I set out early afternoon for an evening with The Co-Operative at their Bloggers Christmas Event in Manchester City Centre. On route I collected The MotherGeek and made our way into the City, the traffic was horrendous so it wasn’t to quickest journey and we arrived  ...

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EasiYo Yoghurt Maker : Review

Rating: [rating] For anyone who knows me well, knows I’m no “Delia” when it comes to the kitchen department. My cooking skills are rather appalling so I tend to keep well away as much as possible. But when EasiYo contacted me asking if I would like to try making Yoghurt with  ...

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Beefeater Grill Review

Last weekend we were very fortunate to be invited to our local Beefeater Grill Restaurant to test out their current menu and also try out the new Mr Men Little Miss menu for the kids. I have very fond memories of eating at Beefeater Restaurants in my early teens as this was our weekly Saturday  ...

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Week 16 of 2015 – Project 365

Continuing with our Project 365 adventures, here’s what we’ve been up to this week linking up with The Boy And Me; Day 102 – Decisions Decisions Leah couldn’t decide what she wanted for tea. Day 103 – Pain Sometime Ibuprofen and Paracetamol just don’t quite cut it when  ...

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Week 14 of 2015 – Project 365

Continuing with our Project 365 adventures, here’s what we’ve been up to in week 9 with The Boy And Me; Day 88 – Fairy Garden I completed a bit of blogging work, mainly setting up Leah’s new fairy garden with her. Review coming soon. Day 89 – Playtime We caught up with friends  ...

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