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Photographing Fireworks on DSLR

Over the past 2 years I have been partaking in various courses to help me learn the ever confusing DSLR Camera, taking my camera fully out of Auto and using Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Program mode and Manual. I am now using my camera very confidently and feeling I can begin to give  ...

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My Sunday Photo – 1/11/15

I am linking up this week to My Sunday Photo with OneDad3Girls with this photo; On Friday we went to Drayton Manor Theme Park Fireworks Spectacular, here I took many photos and I have now the awful decision of choosing one to show you…. But I cant do that… I like them all so  ...

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Enjoying Bonfire 2014

This year we didn’t really focus too much on Halloween, we decorated a few pumpkins and answered the door to trick or treaters but the kids weren’t bothered as the outfits scared them. I didn’t press on this matter, I’ve never been one for Halloween either and I  ...

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