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Coming Back To Blogging

Heyyyyy, I’m back! I’d like to say I am feeling refreshed and ready to return to my blog. But I’m not. Really, I just need the distraction! My kids are now back at school, my youngest has just started reception class, I feel more lost now than ever before. 6 hours a day now  ...

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Endometriosis Update – Jan 16

I just wanted to give another update since my last post about Endometriosis in September. Back then I had a lot going through my mind, a lot of “what if’s?” and “when’s?” as I knew the Endometriosis wouldn’t be curable unless a Hysterectomy happened and  ...

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Looking Back at 2015

I think its safe to say 2015 certainly wasn’t the finest of years for us, its been pretty much been filled with ill health, tears, grief and turmoil. On the outside we have kept ourselves together, ClearlyDaddy and I have focused on the kids and the family business even though we have  ...

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Me, Myself and Endometriosis

This is a blog post I hoped I’d never have to write, you see I don’t like posting anything too personal about myself but I now feel the time is right to share my experience with you all and perhaps raise awareness or pop together a small social media support group. Who knows. I have  ...

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Where Have I Been??

Some of you may be wondering where have I been recently, my blogging is lacking some love and my twitter feed rarely gets any TLC right now… well I’m going to try and explain. I’ve lost my fizz, I’ve lost my motivation… not for blogging, I love my blog but  ...

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