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Family Expenses You Just Can’t Avoid

**Collaborative Post Family life can be expensive, there is no way of getting around it. There are so many things we can splurge on when it comes to our families but there are also some things which you really can’t go without. Here are some of those expenses which always need to make their way  ...

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Should I Let My Child Have a Mobile Phone?

**This is a collaborative post Mobile phones allow us to keep in touch anytime and anywhere. This is obviously an advantage for parents who are starting to give their children a little more freedom, but when is the right time to let your child have one? Read on for some helpful advice from  ...

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Encouraging Your Kids to Open Up About School

**Collaborative Post Getting your child to chat to you about school is a great challenge for many parents. You ask them how their day was and they answer with one word: “fine”. You ask them what they learnt and they “can’t remember”. There are strategies you can use to get your kids to open up  ...

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Is It Better to Move House or Extend?

**Collaborative Post There are lots of reasons why you might need more space in your home; perhaps you have a growing family or maybe you need somewhere to run your home business. Regardless, you will have a big decision on your hands about whether you should move house and up-size or build an  ...

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Perfect Ways To Relax This Autumn

**This is a collaborative post It’s no secret that I am a massive fan of Autumn, it’s the perfect cool down from the heat of Summer, the colours of the land change, we get some amazing sunsets and it feels much more relaxing and comfortable. Even a recent poll of mine on Twitter  ...

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A Dad’s Guide To Raising Baby Girls

**This is a collaborative post. New dads to baby girls are going to be very overwhelmed. How can he take the best care of her and how will he be able to relate to her? Especially if the dad only had brothers or didn’t have a mother-figure and was only raised by a father. It is  ...

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5 Ways We Improved Our Livingroom

When we moved into our new home we were already happy with the living room decor that the previous occupants had left behind. We just needed to get our belongings into the place and work at making some minor improvements to suit our style. Sometimes these changes can be done without much hassle  ...

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The Restored – That Feels Better Campaign

We all know how important it is to lead a balanced lifestyle, but what does a balanced lifestyle mean exactly? I’ve teamed up with The Restored to introduce to you their new That Feels Better campaign to share with you a simple yet effective way to lead a more balanced life. The Concept  ...

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