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Top Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Home

**This is a partnered post. While our day to day lives are hectic we fight to find time to complete the menial day to day tasks around the house. Keeping on top of the minimum tasks usually entails hovering, tidying up, mopping, polishing and cleaning surfaces. Whilst doing these jobs keep our  ...

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Vileda Hot Spray Mop – Review & Giveaway

Rating: [rating] With the weather being as terrible as it is right now, our shoes get muddy and wet when outdoors and inevitably that mud/water usually gets shared with our internal floors. Especially from the Blog Dog, owning a large dog with large paws means a ridiculous about of mucky paw  ...

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Sprucing Up The Garden

With Summer quickly approaching we are now coming out of hibernation, my back garden rarely sees us during the winter as we tend to shy away from the cold. Now the days are warming up, the nights are staying lighter later our attention is now turning to our rear garden and how we can get it  ...

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Vileda Steam Mop : Review

One brand of home cleaning I have always been passionate about is Vileda, they quite literally make everything practical that you would need for making your home sparkly and clean. Products include cleaning cloths, ironing boards, scourers, brushes, window cleaning, mops and so much more. There  ...

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Vileda – Cleaning Up With Vileda : Review

Shortly before our holiday I was sent some products fabulous products from Vileda to help get my house ship shape and sparkly clean. For people who know me well they can most likely agree I do like my house to be neat and clean. But since moving to a larger house and owning our blog dog I have  ...

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