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Ticket To Ride Europe: Review

For our third and final part of the Asmodee Bloggers Board Game Club, we have been trying to get to grips with Ticket To Ride Europe from Days Of Wonder. This game is designed for players aged 8+, a group of 2-5 players and can last between 30-60 minutes. Contents; 1 Map Board (of Europe) 240  ...

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Drumond Park Og On The Bog : Giveaway

Very recently we were very lucky to be given to chance to review Og On The Bog for Drumond Park. The fun packed game where you need ot steal all Og’s loo rolls before his bog explodes. This game is great for children aged 5yrs+ and with a great “toilet humour”. You can find  ...

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Drumond Park Og On The Bog : Review

With the summer holidays fast creeping up on us I have began to look at ways of keeping the kids entertained. As the weather is looking very unsettled right now not only am I looking at garden games, but also indoor games for the days where the weather is a complete let down. With the help of  ...

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