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A Weekend Up North

Last weekend we went up north to spend some time with my family, the intention was to catch up with my parents and brother who I don’t get to see all that often. Seeing as the Half Term was approaching it seemed an ideal time to book a hotel and head off for the weekend.  Booking a  ...

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My Sunday Photo – Newspaper Article

Following Lewis’s participation in the Junior Intercounty Archery Competition last month the team coach informed all the parents that the local newspaper were interested in running an article featuring the Shropshire teams big win. On Thursday evening I was alerted to the article appearing in  ...

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#Blogtober18 Day 26 : Zero Tolerance For

Day 26 of #Blogtober18 and today’s letter is ‘Z’ – we made it through the alphabet so after today we are going to be given certain topics to follow until the month end! Today’s topic is Zero Tolerance For… I’m going to be quite open here, I can a very short tolerance  ...

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#Blogtober18 Day 25 : Years Gone By

Today for Day 25 of #Blogtober18 we are talking Years Gone By… there is no better (or scarier) way as a parent to realise just how quick the years are going by, than looking at pictures of your child from each birthday!  Looking at my kids pictures today really has made me realise  ...

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#Blogtober18 Day 24 : X-Rays and Broken Bones

Day 24 of #Blogtober18 and today’s letter is ‘X’, and rather fittingly we are talking X-Rays and Broken Bones. Not going to be the most interesting post from me today unfortunately because, I’ve never broken a bone! I’ve had various xrays and strains etc though. My X-rays My earliest memory of  ...

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