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Me & Mine – May 2016

We are back for another month of Me & Mine Project with Dear Beautiful, this month with a very fun twist of which the kids loved getting involved with. Last year we had a huge paddling pool in the garden, it was ALWAYS cold, even on the hottest of days so this years we’ve made a  ...

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Me & Mine – April 2016

After a short time away from blogging (I just needed to unwind a little) I am back and hoping to keep on top of things. I am particularly enjoying taking part in Me & Mine and Siblings projects with Dear Beautiful, taking part gives us reason to go out as a family, usually resulting in  ...

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Siblings – April 2016

Last month we missed out with Siblings Project, I’ve not been feeling 100% towards my blog so decided to take a step back for a while and calm things down a bit. I am missing my blog but not really missing the social media side of things as yet. Besides missing my blog I have also missed  ...

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May Round Up

Trying to continue with my month end round up’s of what’s been happening over at ClearlyBex HQ I now want to bring you our round up for April/May. You may notice I missed April’s round up this was due to a loss in our family of my Father In Law, you can read about our loss  ...

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