Southport Beach – 18/11/2018

A couple of weeks ago we ventured up to Lancashire for a weekend with my family, during our time there we visited the Blackpool Illumations and then on the Sunday we headed to the opposite beach over in Southport.  As a child growing up in Lancashire I lived pretty much half way between either of these coasts, but always much preferred visiting Southport for a visit to the beach as it was always quieter than Blackpool but also because it always had the best shells to collect. Blackpool  ...

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Blogger Recognition Award

Everyone loves receiving a bit of “blog love”, mostly the love comes in the form of receiving blog comments, maybe the occasional retweet on Twitter of a blog post or sometimes a special mention from someone you haven’t heard from in quite some time.  As most of you know  ...

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A Weekend Up North

Last weekend we went up north to spend some time with my family, the intention was to catch up with my parents and brother who I don’t get to see all that often. Seeing as the Half Term was approaching it seemed an ideal time to book a hotel and head off for the weekend.  Booking a  ...

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5 Terrific Outside Autumn Activities

Autumn is typically seen as a very cozy season, and one in which we come indoors, so to speak, after the summer. There’s a certain image we all have in mind: curled up with a light blanket, changing leaves in view through the window, a cup of hot tea or a sweetened latte in hand and a mystery  ...

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My Sunday Photo – Newspaper Article

Following Lewis’s participation in the Junior Intercounty Archery Competition last month the team coach informed all the parents that the local newspaper were interested in running an article featuring the Shropshire teams big win. On Thursday evening I was alerted to the article appearing in  ...

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