What We've Been Up To

What We’ve Been Up To : July 2020

Another month, another What We’ve Been Up To blog post. This month we are looking back on July 2020, sharing what we got up to and how we are adjusting to our “new normal” in life after lockdown. July was a bit of a funny month, mainly with learning how to react with our new normal in life, trying to enjoy the freedom that life is now giving us whilst also trying to remain safe from Coronavirus. Let’s kick things off with an update with the state of Lockdown. What  ...

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The Parents

2020 Bucket List – Update

We’ve now passed the halfway mark of 2020 and what a year this has been. No one could have expected the weird way our lives would take in the past 7 months. Many people would like to move on from our lives in lockdown, many people brought their lives together with loved ones and like us,  ...

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The Lockdown Diary – Chapter 4

Welcome back to our lockdown diary chapter 4. I am enjoying writing up these blog posts as they will hopefully serve as a lovely memory in future where I can look back at the time we all lived in each other’s pockets at home for months on end. Lockdown Diary Chapter 4 Quite a bit has  ...

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The Kids

Lewis: You Are Now 11

It’s just occurred to me that I haven’t written Lewis a birthday blog post, his birthday was on the 13th of June. I’m rather late. In fact, it’s since come to my attention that I haven’t written him one of these posts since he was 7! This was mainly due to taking a  ...

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