Restricted TV Challenge – Day 1 – My Plan

This is how I aim for today to plan out…. 7-9am TV was on but kids were having breakfast, getting dressed for thr day also. 9-onwards. TV off and we play. 10-30/11ish leah naps and due to a bad night we all join her Lunch – TV back on for an hour or so 1ish – park depending on the weather (looks wet!) 3ish back home to play 4-30/5pm ish TV on again for tea time After tea – TV off until after changed for bed (usually about 6.15ish). 6.15 – TV back on for leahs  ...

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Restricted TV Challenge

Last week i decided that i was going to try a challenge with my children, something rewarding and make it educational.   I am always conscious that the TV in my house spends too much time on and its not always watched it can be just on for background noise! So much so we’ve  ...

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Graco Evo Mini : Review

  I would like to share my thoughts on the Graco Evo Mini which has been loaned to me from The MotherGeek. Firstly i would like to thank Tina for giving me the opportunity to test and review this product. My Thoughts When i was shown the Evo Mini i was really amazed at its size, folded  ...

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Mike The Knight – W/C 8th April

I must say that our overall highlight to this week has to be the Blogs Up North meetup on the 14th April but i have shown you 90% of the photo’s on another blog post. So i am going to choose a different picture for this week that is not to do with LEGOLAND. The kids got chance to meet  ...

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