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Pebli Town : Review

A couple of months ago, I heard about Pebli Town, a new interactive toy for young children ideal for children who enjoy playing with tablet computers, I instantly knew I wanted to know more. Both my children have their own tablet computers, of which they are full of educational and fun games,  ...

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LeapFrog LeapTV : Review

Rating: [rating] The next review we have from the wonderful guys at LeapFrog is the all new Leap TV! Since its launch in October 2014 we have been eager to get our hands on this new console for Leah to test out. Then back in June LeapFrog offered to let us review one as part of our LeapFrog  ...

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LeapFrog LeapPad 3 : Review

Rating: [rating] As a child growing up my version of technology growing up was watching TV or occasionally being trusted to play Sonic The Hedgehog on my parents Sega Megadrive… Nowadays children are technology mad pretty much from the moment they are a few months old, learning their hand  ...

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Tiggly Shapes : Review

Rating: [rating] Back in February we were introduced to Tiggly, first of all we reviewed Tiggly Counts which your child uses to help counting and math problem solving on a tablet computer. A few months down the line and my daughters math skills have drastically improved, she knows which count  ...

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CaseApp : Review

Rating: [rating] Towards the end of last year you may recall I reviewed for CaseApp, I designed and created my very own skin for my laptop. I am very pleased to report this skin is still firmly attached to my laptop and looks just as good as new! Following on from my review, CaseApp asked if I  ...

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Hexbug Havoc : App Review

Rating: [rating] Lewis is now coming of an age where he is becoming sucked into the world of technology, through the love of a mobile phone, tablet or console he regularly needs one to keep him happy. Continuing with Lewis’s love for Hexbugs, we have recently been introduced to a app of  ...

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Kate & Mim-Mim Funny Bunny Fun : App Review

Rating: [rating] During my children’s development of watching CBeebies through to years we have come across of lots of appealing programs which hold memories for them and for me as these are all part of their life journey and education. With the kids now being at Nursery and School whilst  ...

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Tiggly Counts : Review

Rating: [rating] With my children being raised in the 21st century there has been a massive leap in the way children are entertained, educated and stimulated. Mostly through the technology sector, especially with the introduction of tablet computers, these hand-held devices which are gripping  ...

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