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When In Rome : Review

With Christmas only days away I wanted to share a great new game with you. Perfect for gatherings, to test out family and friends knowledge of the world and beat them to become the winners. All you need is this When In Rome Box and an Alexa device.  About When In Rome When In Rome is the first  ...

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Adonit Snap : Review

Technology is getting more and more advance these days, social media is awash with hand finished photos and even text messaging being replaced by hand drawn text and images. Even the latest update on the iOS front introduced Digital Touch where by the simple touch of a finger you can send  ...

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Logitech M330 Silent Plus Mouse : Review

I got my new PC for Christmas last year and I absolutely love it, the speed of the PC itself is phenomenal, it works perfectly and the graphics are spot on for my photo editing. I spend a lot of time at my PC, I blog whilst the kids are at school, Lewis does him homework on it, we both play PC  ...

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CaseApp : Review & Giveaway

Everyone loves a new mobile phone, the freshness of a new device and new phone capabilities, I know I do anyway. Over the past 4 years I have been an android fan, enjoying the flexibility and how the phones ticked but I have always found that the camera capabilities held me back. So earlier in  ...

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Paladone Selfie Phone Clip : Review

Everyone loves a good selfie, well nearly everyone. Personally I’m never usually one for selfies, because I am close to the camera I find it highlights me too much and not my surroundings (and I can never take a decent enough photo of myself. I’ve never wanted to carry a selfie  ...

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Sky Kids App : Review

At the beginning of the Half Term Holiday we received a very surprise parcel from Sky. All contained in a gorgeous picnic hamper the kids were sent an epic amount of goodies and kit to make their own den whilst also given special access to the brand new Sky Kids App. The kids eagerly awaited  ...

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