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Mia Tui – Sydney Backpack – Review

Ive known about Mia Tui for quite a few years now, must be at least 2014, back in my previous blogging days. I reviewed various products then, and even during my non blogging days I’d always be torn towards their newest handbags/backpacks. I have now at least 7-8 bags hidden under my bed,  ...

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Mia Tui Sofia : Review

Over the past year or so I have been very aware of a handbag company which really has caught my eye, Mia Tui. Back in January I made my very first purchase of a Mia Tui bag of which I became the very proud owner of the Grace Bag and I have loved it ever since. Now Mia Tui have agreed to work  ...

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TOAD Diaries : Review

I wanted to share some personal information with you… you may not already know this but I really cannot get enough of stationary, I’m addicted. I love all forms of stationary to pens, cases, notebooks and diaries. Recently I’ve been getting another fill of stationary in the  ...

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Mia Tui Grace : Review

This month I have gone slightly crazy with the January sales, I have been hunting through companies which I have become aware of through blogging. One company I had my eye on for sometime now is Mia Tui after seeing a friends gorgeous Sofia bag whilst at BlogCamp last year. Ever since I have  ...

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Toxic Fox ClaireaBella : Review

If you are looking for a personalised, quirky and unique Christmas gift for a female relative or friend this year, I could quite possibly hold the answer to your problems. From Toxic Fox comes ClaireaBella with a range of Jute Bags, Handbags, Wine glasses and clothing. I was very fortunate to  ...

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Amrose Photography : Review

Ever since I had children, I have wanted to catch every memory on photo. Every smile, every new milestone and every funny moment. I even base my mobile phone upgrades on what camera the new phone has to offer so that I can keep snapping away. In the 4 and a half years of being a mother to my  ...

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Zenbev Sleep Aid : Review

I was recently contacted by a company called Zenbev to review their sleep aid product. I regularly suffer with sleep interruption insomnia and anxiety so i agreed to give this a try to see if it helps. What is Zenbev and Ingredients? Zenbev is made from 100% Organic ingredients, made using  ...

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