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Beefeater Grill Review

Last weekend we were very fortunate to be invited to our local Beefeater Grill Restaurant to test out their current menu and also try out the new Mr Men Little Miss menu for the kids. I have very fond memories of eating at Beefeater Restaurants in my early teens as this was our weekly Saturday  ...

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Swizzels Spring Selection Tub : Review

Rating: [rating] Having 2 children in the house usually means you have a dedicated shelf in the kitchen for sweets, chocolates and other various treats, in our cupboard it’s right at the top as I know with any chance the kids would be in it constantly. They are very sweet toothed my  ...

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Fiesta Del Asado Restaurant : Review

Rating: [rating] I love eating out, and eating out with friends I certainly don’t do enough of. So when I was invited along to Fiesta Del Asado, Argentinian Restaurant in Birmingham I knew I needed to bring a friend along for a good natter and share our thoughts of our meals. So last  ...

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Baker Days Christmas : Review & Giveaway

Earlier this year I was very fortunate to work with Baker Days to review and help promote their “Cakes By Post” now with Christmas on the horizon I am working with them again to promote their Christmas Cakes. Baker Days have come along way since my last review and are continuing to  ...

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Dining With Table Table : Review

Last Sunday the Clearly Family embarked on our first ever restaurant review, a reason for never reviewing food before is the simple fact I am a terrible cook, my presentation is disgraceful and I have absolutely no patience. I live by a “seefood” theory, I never usually give chance  ...

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Florette Salads Baby Kale : Review

Since venturing on my Slimming World diet I have been trying out all ranges of herbs, spices, vegetables and salads all in different meals. A product I have really started to enjoy is Kale, I’ve been buying it by the bag load to steam with my evening meals. Recently I have come across a  ...

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Oxo Clean Cut Pizza Wheel : Review

Each meal time in my household are bordering on a nightmare, my 2 children don’t like each others foods so I always have to cook 2 separate meals and then my own in the evening when hubby gets home from work. One meal which Lewis adores is pizza, he would quite happily have pizza every  ...

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Panda Drinks Summer Challenge

Yep… we took on another summer challenge! We really have enjoyed our challenges this summer and had so much fun in the process. This latest challenge comes from Panda Drinks where we were to go on a fun day out and drink their 4 new varieties of still drink… how hard can that be  ...

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Chill Factor Jelly Maker : Review

With Lewis rapidly growing up he is becoming really hands on, wants to be at the centre of everything happening in the house and more so in the kitchen. He loves baking and making new creations, but he’s really impatient waiting for things to be ready. This is where Chill Factor has once  ...

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