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Mothers Day with Hard Rock Cafe

Mothers Day is next weekend, a day where Mum’s can do absolutely nothing for 1 whole day of the year and get utterly spoilt by their partners and offspring… YEA! We wish! Mum Rocks at Hard Rock Cafe But if you are up for being spoilt somewhere, the Mothers Day celebration happening  ...

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Enjoying A Brew With We Are Tea : Review

fI love a good cup of tea, being a northern girl it just HAS to be a strong cup, two sugars with the tiniest drop of milk – a good ol’ “Builders Brew”. In the past 5 years or so I’d say my love for tea grew, as a teen/young adult I never really drank it but since  ...

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Snackeez 2 in 1 Cup : Review

Recently we have been trying out a great new cup, from Snackeez, the all in one snack and drink cup! Perfect for adults and kids who like to enjoy a drink and a snack whilst on the go. For our review we received the Blue and Pink cup, other colours available are orange & green and purple  ...

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EasiYo Yoghurt Maker : Review

Rating: [rating] For anyone who knows me well, knows I’m no “Delia” when it comes to the kitchen department. My cooking skills are rather appalling so I tend to keep well away as much as possible. But when EasiYo contacted me asking if I would like to try making Yoghurt with  ...

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