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Hotter Rapid Shoes: Review

If your a regular reader to my blog you will know just how much I love Hotter Shoes. Not only do I enjoy reviewing for Hotter but I’m even a regular customer. I’m frequently seen wearing a pair of wonderful shoes, and it’s mainly for good reason. I have a weak ankle, wearing  ...

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Hotter Chase Shoes: Review

Following on from attending Blog On Conference in May, I took part in a competition to win a new pair of Hotter Shoes. I just love their footwear and have done for quite a few years now, and since the Spring/Summer collection was released earlier in the year I’ve had my eye on these  ...

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Hotter Shoes Whisper Boots : Review

Back in 2014 I was introduced to Hotter Shoes, I fell in love with their footwear instantly and since then I’ve never not owned a pair of their shoes. My first pair of Hotter Shoes were a pair of Shake shoes, then shortly afterwards I acquired a pair of Whisper Boots at an event in  ...

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Brantano Avington Hayes Boots : Review

Recently I can’t help but notice that the mornings have got chillier, there is a dew on our lawn and that I am finding I am needing a coat on the school run. Winter is on its way. Also my wardrobe is changing, gone are my summer maxi dresses, my cropped leggings, sleeveless t-shirts and  ...

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Hotter Shoes Orla GTX Boots : Review

With winter shortly appearing around the corner my thoughts are slowly turning to my winter wardrobe, looking my best on the school run whilst also keeping dry and comfortable. I love wearing boots in winter, I love padding out my feet so that my toes aren’t affected in the cold. I find  ...

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Hotter Shoes Dee Sandals : Review

With summer making a sudden appearance our thoughts have turned to making sure our wardrobes are ready for the sun, the heat, the days out, the adventures and also making sure we stay cool and comfortable. Armed with our shopping lists to bring our wardrobes up to date we know what we need to  ...

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JD Williams Summer Clothing : Review

Summer is here!!!! Well it was… now its cloudy and cold again but I am hopeful the sun will return again very soon. With my hopes of summer coming back very soon JD Williams are helping me get into the swing of summer by providing me with a new outfit perfect for the heat that summer  ...

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