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Using A DSLR

Photographing Fireworks on DSLR

Over the past 2 years I have been partaking in various courses to help me learn the ever confusing DSLR Camera, taking my camera fully out of Auto and using Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Program mode and Manual. I am now using my camera very confidently and feeling I can begin to give  ...

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A Bank Holiday at Trentham Gardens

Having my family live 100 miles away is always difficult, I miss seeing them often, I miss being able to just “call round” when I feel like it. When we see each other its pre arranged, usually a couple of weeks in advance. Majority of the time my parents travel to my house of which  ...

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Photographing A Wedding

A fortnight ago I was living the calm after the storm… As 48 hours earlier I had photographed my first ever Wedding. Since completing a photography course the previous summer I have been honing on my photography skills, building my experience and most importantly my confidence. Then when  ...

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A Birthday Outing – Shrewsbury Castle

Nearly a month ago now I turned 30 and in a very rare event, ClearlyDaddy took a day off from work to spend the day with me. Armed with ClearlyDaddy and his wallet I dragged him to Shrewsbury to do a little bit of retail therapy but my adventure didn’t stop there as I also brought my  ...

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Ercall Wood, Shropshire

We love our woodland walks, the adventures, the games we play and most of all we love seeing how woodlands change over the seasons. We are lucky to have various woodlands pretty much on our doorstep so we are never short of adventures. Early in April we headed over to Ercall Woods, located at  ...

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Ironbridge Power Station

I am very lucky to live in such a “green” area of the UK, surrounded by countryside and lovely hills to walk. A massive difference to what I left behind in my life in Lancashire. In Telford we are also surrounded by a lot of heritage, and I find that people like to talk about the  ...

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