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The Kids

Leah : You Are Now 7

As I’ve had such a long blogging break I haven’t written one of these posts for Leah since her 4th Birthday! Such a lot has changed with Leah in these past 3 years, starting school, life developments, likes/dislikes and much more. Letter to Leah Dear Leah, You are now 7 and what a birthday  ...

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#Blogtober18 Day 25 : Years Gone By

Today for Day 25 of #Blogtober18 we are talking Years Gone By… there is no better (or scarier) way as a parent to realise just how quick the years are going by, than looking at pictures of your child from each birthday!  Looking at my kids pictures today really has made me realise  ...

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A Boy And His Bow

Something I have wanted to write about for sometime now is Lewis’s love for his new hobby/sport. Archery. Where His Archery Began Lewis started Archery back in January 2017 at an after school club at his previous Primary School, it was only soft archery but it was that sample which really gave  ...

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Back to School – September 2018

This morning my kids returned to school, aged 9 & 6 they are now in years 5 & 2. I have never felt as old as I do now, the years are just absolutely flying by and my kids are just absolutely embracing their lives and journey so well. I feel so proud to be their “Mom”. Back  ...

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Lewis : Now That You Are 7

Lewis, I can hardly believe this day has arrived, 7  years ago at 17.17 you arrived into our lives, 7 years ago you made me a Mummy. These past years you have shown me an outstanding amount of love every single day and your growing into such a stunning and caring young man. I haven’t done  ...

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To Leah On Your 4th Birthday

Dear Leah, I really cannot believe your 4th birthday has come around so quickly! I think it’s fair to say you have been waiting for this day for sometime, approximately since September when your nursery friends also turned 4 you have been very eager to catch them up. Today we are starting  ...

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Our Family Christmas

Good gosh, another year another Christmas done! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break. We had a lovely Christmas break but it was the demanding and physically exhausting 3 days of my life, my heads still spinning now and I haven’t stopped since until I literally crash on the sofa  ...

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Questioning the kids

Recently I have come across friends posting questions which they have asked their children about their parents, some of the answers I have come across are so funny and cute so I thought I’d do it too. The idea is to ask your children these questions and take their first answer. So being  ...

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