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Child Loss

Baby Loss Awareness Week – I am 1 in 4

This week (9th -15th October) marks a special week to me, a week where a taboo can be broken where men and women throughout the world can speak freely about the children they have lost. Whether the loss be through miscarriage, still birth, infancy or childhood this week is Baby Loss Awareness  ...

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Miscarriage : What To Expect

This past couple week really has brought out a humongous wave of pain and then emotions within me. It really has been difficult to work through but with the help of my husband, my children, my mother in law and and close friends I am managing to cope, beginning to see some light at the end of  ...

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Coming Back To Blogging

Heyyyyy, I’m back! I’d like to say I am feeling refreshed and ready to return to my blog. But I’m not. Really, I just need the distraction! My kids are now back at school, my youngest has just started reception class, I feel more lost now than ever before. 6 hours a day now  ...

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A Letter To Megan : August 2015

Dear Megan, I know this is a little out of the blue but something happened last night which has sparked this letter. Last night whilst I was at work I got talking to a colleague about my Pandora Necklace and she noticed around my favourite colour (purple) were 3 little people, she instantly  ...

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Megan – 4 years on

Dear Megan, Another year and another painful 3 days of the year… how can it be 4 years already?! I am really unsure how to start this, all I can think right now is that you should be 3 and a half years old and getting ready for Christmas with your big brother and little sister. You should  ...

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Megan – 3 years on.

My dear Megan, How I dislike this annual heartache. This weekend is to be a really tough. 3 years have passed since we discovered we had lost you, there has not been a single day go by where I don’t think about you. How on earth have I managed 3 years? Its still unfair now, you should be  ...

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