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Hi,welcome to ClearlyBex!

I started blogging in April 2013 and after taking a 2 year break back in August 2016 I have returned and re-kindled my blog again. I really missed blogging during my absence, I missed having my own little space to be creative, an online diary of our family adventures and share what we’ve been trying out. 99.9% of the content on ClearlyBex is written by me, I love how I can personalise my own little space on the web and love attempting to get a bit geeky and clever with it too.

Sam and I married in July 2008 and from there we have had 2 Children, Lewis aged 9 and Leah aged 6. We were also blessed with a daughter, born too soon for life and have suffered miscarriages too. We are a very close, loving and caring family of 4, I am truly blessed to have them in my life and love sharing it with my readers, I suppose you can say I’m biased haha! I blog about all of my family, even the family who didn’t make it, and also about my trials and tribulations with Endometriosis, PCOS and now infertility.

Let me introduce you to us;

Me (aka Bex)

Originally a northern lass from Lancashire I was imported to life in Shropshire in January 2005 by Sam, he says he brought me to civilisations, I beg to differ! But that said, I am very happy with my life here. Sam and I married in July 2008 and was thrilled to introduce Lewis to our lives only 11 months later. Leah came along less than 3 years later. Day to day I do a lot of juggling, from running the house, running the kids, running everyone’s timetables, blogging and also assisting in keeping our family business afloat.

Sam (the long suffering Hubby)

Poor Sam he puts up with a lot from me, but he’s stood firmly by my side come what may. He’s my absolute rock. Born and raised in Shropshire he’s always lived here, thankfully hasn’t picked up the Dawley twang (thank flipping goodness!). Sam’s the manager of our business in Newport, Shropshire, but not our home (haha), professional Dry Cleaner by trade he’s been in the industry since his early teens.

Sam’s a bit of a fitness geek, loves a good run, after a day running round the shop (crazy man!) and has entered quite a few races, most recently the Chester Marathon in October 2018.

Lewis (The eldest)

Lewis is the absolute apple of my eye, aged 9 he’s a very tall boy for his age, towering above his school friends and has whopping huge feet to boot. He’s very much a lover of the outdoors, and his favourite pastime right now is his archery. Aside from his bow, Lewis’s favourite things in the world are his beloved Mr Woof teddy, Lego and playing computer games. Lewis given his height, can be very shy and nervous, always the worrier but when he’s in a joking and playful mood we embrace it and let him be the kid he should me.

Leah (The Youngest)

Meet the Diva of the house! If something doesn’t go her way, everyone knows about it. Leah’s approaching the end of her KS1 studies at Infant School and is looking forward to her big adventures at Junior School. Educationally she is absolutely floating by, she loves learning and really gets absorbed into her studies. Again like Lewis, Leah loves the outdoors, loves nothing more than a good woodland adventure and also adores riding her bike. She’s unfortunately too young for Archery yet, but when she turns 8 she’ll be up the field gaining her beginners course certificate to shoot. Her words not mine! Leah’s favourite things in the whole wide world are DogDog, her bike and her dolls. 

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