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5 Lockdown Activities That Have Long-Term Benefits

**Written in collaboration with Mary Johnson

Especially after nearly a year, of course, this needed but ample amount of time spent at home simply…sucks. But while we are spending this time at home, there are some long-term beneficial lockdown activities we can do. Focused activities can help you to accomplish some goals, or even set some new ones, as well as to simply get brain stimulation rather than repeating the same days over and over at home. 

Here are 5 lockdown activities that have long-term benefits:

Learn a language

Many people are taking this time at home to learn a second or third language. Long gone are the days where traditional classrooms were the best (and sometimes only) option for learning a new language. Nowadays there are apps such as Babbel that you can to learn a language and do so at your own pace and on your own time. You may be asking yourself ‘how effective is Babbel?’ and these language apps, but it really comes down to how much effort you put into them. Even with just a little bit of practice daily or a couple of times weekly, you can really boost your language skills. Learning a new language is incredible for your brain will be fun and useful for future travels, and can also boost your career opportunities. 

Keep a journal

If you do not already keep a journal, now is a great time to start! It is wonderful for mental health and you can use it however you want. Especially for now when globally we are facing a huge stressor, an idea is to incorporate a daily ‘brain dump’. Set the timer for 5 minutes and without thinking about it, write down EVERYTHING that comes to mind. Any little thing that stresses you out, that you find yourself thinking of, everything. Then, once the timer goes off put your pen down and take 3 deep breaths.

A top lockdown activities, writing a diary or journal.
Image Credit: Pixabay

Create a workout routine with a nutrition plan to help you keep your immune system sharp

Exercising and proper nutrition are essential for good health, all things you certainly want in order to keep your immune system sharp. So during this time at home, take the time to try out new types of exercising and create a workout routine for yourself. Include a nutrition plan tailored to you so that you can best support your health and level of exercise! If you want support in this, many nutritionists are offering virtual consultations to help people improve their health while at home. These are habits you will be thankful to have developed for years to come. 

Volunteer virtually

While this may be more for the long-term benefits of others, volunteering is also incredibly enriching. Find virtual volunteer opportunities that fit your interests and inspire you to really get involved, or see whatever is available to give a helping hand with. 

Put together a virtual book club from around the world

An activity that you can do with current and new friends from around the world is to put together and attend a virtual book club. Many social networks also already have book clubs going that you can simply join and attend. It gives you a reading activity but also puts a social date on your calendar so you get (necessary) social interaction with others during this time at home. It could lead to creating new friendships and opening up your eyes to new things, as well! 

Some of these lockdown activities may not seem very useful, but they really can help keep you busy and focused during this time at home and also may have lots of benefits for you overall. Try to make the best of lockdown

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