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What We’ve Been Up To : December 2020

Well, that will be a December that no one ever forgets in a hurry, especially us (for reasons I shall explain later). In between lockdowns, schools, isolations, Covid, preparing for family Christmases to then cancelling family Christmases. December was utterly topsy turvy. I don’t know if i’m fully ready to open the curtains to 2021’s arrival.

**Please note this blog post was *mostly* written up before 4th January 2021**

What We’ve Been Up To December 2020

Let’s start with our favourite topic at the moment;


The beginning of December 2020 brought the of Lockdown 2.0, just in time for people to finish preparing for Christmas, plan and get ready for their festivities. Open businesses (in areas where allowed) and so forth. But the exit to Lockdown 2.0 wasn’t to be all that plain sailing.

I’m not going to go all out on minor details this month as it was just so so messy. Initially, areas of England were placed in Tier levels, which then needed to be amended as it was clear case numbers were rapidly rising. The initial plans announced earlier in December to allow households to have Christmas with other households had to be quashed at the 11th hour.

The middle of the month brought a new sniff of a new strain of Covid-19, a more highly infectious strain which was easily transmissible. This then became relevant in the daily case figures as they still continue to rise.

Then a new tier 4 was announced in London which meant brought about it a mass exodus effect as people scrambled to leave the capital before midnight when the restrictions came into force. All over the news, there were images of crowded trains, roads, buses. It was utter carnage.

And to finish it all off, the UK had a massive overhaul of tiers at the end of December, seeing 3/4 of Englands population living in the new Tier 4 restrictions and pretty much the rest of us in Tier 3.

Told you it was messy.

Oh, did I forget to mention Brexit? Yea, that happened too but obviously, it’s all been over-looked by Covid. Stupid stupid Covid!

Let’s move on swiftly before my head explodes.


December 2020 brought the minor explosion which saw both kids isolate and then to turn the month completely on it’s head saw us all isolate with Covid. Carrying on from Lewis’s end of November isolation he had to continue isolating again due to Leah contracting Covid as the whole household had to stay locked in the house. This again isolation got extended as then I caught Covid from Leah. By the time we were free to leave again it was the kids last day of term so I didn’t bother sending them to school for the last day choosing to minimise any risk of isolation again over the Christmas Break.

Overall the kids coped very well with home learning, remote learning, entertaining themselves and keeping well mentally. As a family unit we all pulled together well enough to support the kids and each other. Illness and isolation aside it was a lovely couple of weeks.

Days Out

Despite us practically living a life of solitude for the majority of December 2020 we actually managed an outing a couple of days after coming out of isolation. We’d managed to book tickets to Silverstone Lap Land event which was lovely to be able to visit. All Covid safe and felt revitalising after being cooped up for so long. The event consisted of driving a lap around Silverstone race circuit at about 10mph, driving around and through laser light displays which were lovely, afterwards we also visited the drive-through cinema for a showing of The Snowman before heading back home.

Driving around Silverstone Lap Land - December 2020


Naturally, living in lockdown and then having it followed by periods of isolation Lewis’s archery took a bit of a beating and he didn’t manage to get back to the field and face-to-face coaching sessions until just before Christmas. From home though he has been putting in a lot of effort with practising in the garden and working on his overall strength.

Lewis practising his archery

Christmas & New Year

Given the rules on gatherings over Christmas and New Year, we ended up having a rather quiet affair. As a rule, even in “normal times” we tend to have just the 4 of us for Christmas Day anyway, choosing to see family and friends in the run-up to the big day. But our plans for New Year’s Eve were stopped in their tracks where we usually host an evening where friends see in the New Year with us. Instead, we had drinks at home, played games, joined a zoom quiz with friends in the North West and let the kids stay up as late as they wanted.

Leah opening her Christmas presents December 2020

Well, thats all I have for December 2020.

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Stay safe and thank you for reading.


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