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2021 Bucket List

Happy New Year to you all! Although, some New Year this is turning out to be so far eh? It’s at times like this we will struggle to stay positive and trying to look ahead to the future seems impossible.

Planning for a New Year that seems to be plagued with Lockdowns and periods of isolation really does cast shadows over making any form of future plans. Booking holidays, for example, don’t seem possible at all right now, whilst planning home renovations may be more suited to actual achievable plans.

With all that in mind here is our Bucket List for 2021.

2021 Bucket List

a list of our 2021 Bucket List

I haven’t put quite as much on this years Bucket List compared to previous years. I want to make this year’s list easy enough to achieve so that i’ll feel positive at the end of the year compared to last year. Plus we also moved a bit over to this years list from last year, and decided to scrap other plans as things have changed or we know they won’t be achievable.

A bit about each plan

  • Sams Bike Test and New Bike – If you were following our bucket list last year you will possibly remember in the mid-year update that we’d practically scrapped the idea of Sam getting through his CBT test. Then we received news that a space was available at the bike testing centre late in the summer, Sam jumped at the opportunity and a couple of days later sat his CBT test. Now we are looking at getting Sam through his main bike test and getting a bigger bike. Sadly though, due to numerous lockdowns the bike tests are not taking place and we also believe there is a hefty waiting list too. We are hoping that this will change later on in 2021 and this can be achieved before the year is out.
  • Go On A Spa Break – Now, you find me a parent right now who DOESN’T need a spa break. 2020 was an awful year and I think any parent who has coped with the struggles of working whilst also home schooling kids deserves a medal… or a well deserved spa break. I’d like to think that at some point later in 2021 I will get to return to Last Drop Village for one of my favourite breaks.
  • Take Leah Go Karting – Sadly, this was a very exciting plan that Leah wanted to accomplish in 2020 when she turned 8 but it had to be delayed because of the Coronavirus.
  • Visit A New National Trust Property – With hundreds of National Trust locations nationwide there is always somewhere new to visit. We are hoping to go to Norfolk later in the year and will also most possibly visit the North West or North East during the later year too for a short trip so we will no doubt visit a new location then.
  • Visit Legoland & Sealife Birmingham – My kids love visiting Sealife Centres and Legoland for days out so when attractions open back up again we will be sure to plan a trip.
  • Holiday With Friends – This is a replanned arrangement from Easter 2020 as our holiday got cancelled on us. We rearranged it for Easter 2021 and we are hoping it will be able to go ahead by then.
  • Get Leah Guinea Pigs – Leah has been begging and begging for Guinea Pigs for around 12 months now so we are giving in and letting Leah get her piggies in the spring.
  • Lewis Archery Academy and Competitions – Towards the end of 2020 Lewis got accepted onto the Archery GB Academy and is receiving weekly coaching in preparation for the outdoor season in 2021. We are hoping for better living situations that would enable Lewis to shoot in competitions and represent his club, coach and Archery GB.
  • Summer Adventures – Whatever comes our way in 2021 I hope to be able to plan some big summer adventures or days out. Cinema trips, days at the beach, visiting friends and family, theme parks or short stays.
  • Buy New Bedroom Furniture – Another year another room to focus on. This time it’s going to be our bedroom. Sam and I have had the same bedroom furniture since we moved in together, changing minor decor but never the furniture. At the time it was cheap, now it’s dated and cheap and needs changing.
  • Enter Archery Competitions – Keeping this separate to Lewis’s target as I’d like this to focus more on my and Leah too. Back in the late summer of 2020 Leah passed her archery beginners course and started shooting too. I’d like to see her enter a couple of local competitions this year alongside me.
  • Be The Best Teacher Possible For My Kids – As 2021 has gotten off to such a marvellous start it’s impossible to tell right now how long I am going to playing teacher to my children. Home Learning due to Lockdown is currently in full flow and who knows if we will visiting periods of lockdown and isolation again before the year is out.

So there we have it, a rather short and sweet 2021 Bucket List but i’m trying to keep my expectations low enough to be pleased later in the year depending on the pandemic.

Keep an eye out on my social media feeds, especially Instagram throughout the year to see how we’re getting on with our annual bucket list.

What’s on your 2021 Bucket List? Share your wishes in the comments below.

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