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2020 Bucket List – The Finale

Well, 2020 won’t be a year we forget about in a hurry, will we? I for one am pretty glad to see the back of a truly awful year, and as of today (January 6th 2021), we are already experiencing a very turbulent start to the New Year.

Each year people have hopes and expectations for their year, plans and dreams which they put down towards making a good year. So many people lost a lot of these plans and dreams when Covid hit early in 2020 and as a result had to let them go. We are no exception.

So lets recap on our Bucket List 2020 plans and see how we got on.

2020 Bucket List The Finale

What was on our list?

What we completed.

A majority of what we completed was covered previously in our mid-year update but I am going to repeat myself somewhat for those and add a few more to our completed list;

Go on a trip to Europe – I feel incredibly lucky as this was something I completed early in 2020 when Covid-19 was becoming more aware of. In February Lewis, my Dad and I took a 3 day trip to Barcelona for the F1 pre season testing and we feel incredibly lucky we went and got to experience such a wonderful place.

Buy some new dining room furniture – This managed to just sneak in before the end of 2020 when we finally purchased our new dining table set from Furniture Village. At the time of ordering our waiting time was around 4-6 weeks but now with a new lockdown it could be extended but I don’t mind, it’s ordered, it’s paid for, I completed the bucket list wish!

Introduce Leah to archery – By some miracle this actually got completed YIPPEE!!! Back in September when the world was looking rather peachy archery clubs started opening their gates to new members wanting to take up archery, Leah passed her beginners course and became an archer. Since then, the days got cooler, covid increased, indoor seasons got cancelled and it’s become too cold for her to shoot outside so she’s now not shot since November. But we look forward to spring and getting her to the field again.

Buy Lewis a new bow – Lewis has finished 2020 with his new set up, but his growth still want’s to show it’s still working and we are having to make changes to his new current set up again!

Start and Enjoy my new job – The beginning of 2020 saw me start my new role as a casual invigilator at the local grammar school, I managed to get my training completed and covered the mocks season but then the cancellation of GCSE and A-level exams in the summer mean’t I didn’t receive any new work. Then in November I received a new job acceptance for lunchtime supervisor at the local Junior School, offering more guaranteed hours so I have moved over to my new job now and look forward to starting very soon.

Have a Birthday Party for Leah – One of the more pleasing events of 2020 was being able to get Leah’s birthday party completed. Happening 2 weeks before her birthday, it was a joint party with her best friend from school which was a lovely day as 2 weeks later (on the day of Leah’s 8th Birthday, 23rd March 2020) we entered lockdown. I was so happy we got her and her friends parties completed.

Sam to pass his CBT Test and bike test – Although not fully completed I am definitely putting it on my completed list as it feels like such an achievement from our June update. Sam managed to complete his CBT test and get himself a small 125cc motorbike. As yet he’s no where near to completing his full bike test due to centres being closed but he’s actually on the right path. He hopes to complete his bike test in 2021, but who knows?

Leah sat on a motorbike - 2020 Bucket List Finale

What didn’t get completed.

Holiday with friends – This one as per our update back in June is still going forward to 2021 as we didn’t manage to slip in a quick break with our friends in the summer of 2020. Here’s hoping our 2021 break can actually go ahead?

Buy a tropical fish tank – I’m actually unsure if i’m going to carry this one over to our 2021 list at the moment. In January 2020 we had 2 cold water goldfish in a tank in the kitchen, they were both getting on a bit so I planned than when they passed away we would get a tropical tank, it was unlikely they would see out the year. First one of the fish passed away and just before lockdown in March our second fish was looking incredibly weak, my husband told the kids it was depressed as it had no company. So under the pressure of a depressed fish and 2 kids, I had to go and buy it some new friends. Cue the arrival of 2 new goldfish and a loach. Guess what happened! The “depressed” goldfish then died! Yep, no goldfish left that I started the year with, just 2 new goldfish and a loach which were added. This tank is never going to leave us so I refused to add a new tank to the house. It’s a vicious circle of fish!

Enter Lewis into more Archery Competitions – No thanks to stupid stupid Covid, sadly Lewis didn’t manage to enter any competitions in 2020. There were a couple of online events he could submit scores into which he did and then there was a Bank Holiday shoot at a club in August Bank Holiday which he attended but failing that there was no official competitions. A pretty bleak 2020 Archery competition wise sadly.

Try a new Spa location – Naturally, this didn’t happen due to time constraints, lockdowns, stupid stupid covid and the rest of the naffness of 2020. I’m hoping maybe 2021 could be the year this finally happens, although any spa location will do right now, doesn’t have to be a new location!

Go abroad on holiday – This idea is being completely scrapped and not even going to be pushed over to our 2021 list… try again in 2022 perhaps?

Have a Birthday Party for Lewis – Unfortunately this didn’t happen at all for Lewis this year, not even a belated version due to lockdowns and then restrictions on the numbers of people gathering. Hopefully we can do something in 2021.

Take Leah go-karting – For months leading up to Leah’s 8th Birthday she was asking and asking to go proper go-karting when she’s 8. It was an age limit requirement of a location we have been to in the past. But Leah was too young and had to sit and watch her brother with her uncle and grandad. We hope we can put this into motion in 2021.

Take Kids to Legoland Birmingham – Even though attractions opened up in the summer months I really didn’t feel brave enough taking the kids to an indoor attraction when so much of it involved touch. Instead we opted for outdoor attractions with a lot less touching, Chester Zoo was certainly a more favourable day out.

Visit a new National Trust Property – We visited a couple of our usual National Trust haunts but didn’t venture further afield to any new locations in 2020.

So there you have it, our 2020 Bucket List The Finale and what a year it was! Lots put on hold, some scrapped and some lovely pleasant surprises in comparison to our bleak outlook back in June.

Do you have a bucket list for 2020? How did you get on with it?

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