What We've Been Up To

What We’ve Been Up To : November 2020

I am so so sorry this blog post is massively later than usual. I have a number of excuses, first up being a lack of motivation during the early part of the month and then the household was struck with the dreaded Covid. But I shall tell you more about that in December.

But I am back, ready to share our;

What We’ve Been Up To November 2020

So, first things first…


November 2020 saw the re-introduction of lockdown measures, which we now refer to as “lockdown v2.0”. Although restrictions were in place it really didn’t alter our life too much as it wasn’t to the extent of V1. Here’s why;

  • The hospitality sector closed – hotels/lodgings only opening for people travelling for business reasons.
  • Non-essential businesses closed – but can offer click-and-collect/delivery services
  • Bars and Restaurants closed – but can offer takeaway/delivery options
  • Leisure and gym facilities closed
  • Hairdressers and beauty salons all to close
  • Attractions closed
  • Places of worship to close but can open for special reasons such as funerals and weddings (limited to 30 guests), food banks, blood donation points, broadcasting worship services or forming childcare.
  • People are to stay at home as much as possible and
  • Schools to stay open
  • Construction and Manufacturing workplaces can remain open
  • Meeting people indoors is no longer allowed but meeting 1 other person from another household outdoors is allowed.

For us, we didn’t get too affected by the new lockdown as the children both remained in school, Sam still went to work as our business is deemed essential and I also worked invigilating exams at the local secondary school. The only thing I couldn’t really do was head to town Christmas shopping so I reverted to online shopping, ordering gifts and essentials in but otherwise still being out and about quite a lot.


The kids continue to do well at school but since the Half Term of October, both children have been slightly plagued by isolation periods. It started out with an emergency school closure for a day for Lewis due to staffing issues. Then followed by the first “your child has to isolate” for Leah as a teacher in her year tested positive and then at the end of November Lewis got the call too due to a student in his year testing positive too. Thankfully both children remained virus-free and coped very well with their isolation. The schools coped well with home learning packs and daily teams meetings for Leah and online home learning for Lewis for the secondary school. As frustrating as it was for the children to be homebound they both coped remarkably well.

Lewis taking part in his lessons whilst isolating - November 2020


With the onset of another Lockdown, the archery field had to lock its gates which took Lewis’s coaching sessions online to Zoom. We managed to cram in sessions at weekends or in the evenings from the garden at home before it got too dark and it all went as well as can be.

Lewis being coached via Zoom

Days Out

With the onset of a new lockdown we obviously lost all out days out and adventures. We enjoyed plenty of walks in and around our town, and also took a sneaky trip over to Shrewsbury for a walk around the towns park, town centre and a cheeky sushi lunch.

Lewis found a new way of getting about with a scooter

We also managed to pay a quick visit to our local Christmas Tree farm to tag our tree for collection in December.

Leah with our chosen Christmas Tree - November 2020

Well, thats all I have for November 2020.

Want to find out what we’ve been up to in previous months? Read our what we’ve been up to posts here.

Stay safe and thank you for reading.


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