Must-Have Accessories for Family Day’s Out

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Winter is the best time to host fun family excursions, this year closer to home due to virus regulations. From walks in town to see Christmas lights to countryside trips, there is a lot to do during this season. For this reason, you need to get the best outfits and accessories to help you have the most fun and stay comfortable! Below are some must-have accessories for family excursions in winter. 

A thick scarf can double as a cape

Winters can be unforgiving all over the UK! It’s important you get a scarf that can double as a thick scarf, or one that can transform into a cape/shawl for when it begins to be a bit warmer. You can find some excellent handwoven cashmere Italian scarves from sites like Mirta, that offers high quality leather goods, scarves and accessories from small Italian shops. When looking for scarves, make sure it’s either wool or cashmere blend to keep you as warm as possible!

Woman wrapped in a thick scarf enjoying family day's out.

Comfortable walking boots

A family day’s out is likely to be accompanied by physical activities like hiking and games. Therefore, you will need a comfortable pair of walking boots that can also be fashionable! The boots are both practical and functional because they will help you maintain your sense of style. You can choose the stylish route by selecting a pair with a treaded sole. Think of Doc Martins or a pair of Chelsea boots!


Our ears get cold too! The last thing you want is to be unable to partake in activities because you are cold and uncomfortable or catch a cold immediately after the outing. For this reason, a pair of comfy and warm earmuffs would be an incredible accessory for a family day out. In addition to keeping you warm, the earmuffs are a stylish accessory that will help compliment your casual winter look!

Hand warmers to put in your gloves

During the winter season, a pair of gloves may not be enough to beat the cold. However, this does not mean you have to do away with gloves altogether since they add some style and chicness to your look. All you have to do is add hand warmers to your gloves. These accessories will keep your fingers from freezing on a cold day. By doing so, they will help boost your mood hence allowing you to have a great time with your family during family day’s out.

Thick socks and legwear

The warmth of your feet and legs is just as important as that of your hands and ears! Therefore, in addition to wearing gloves with hand warmers, you also need a pair of thick socks and legwear to keep your feet toasty and warm. These accessories will come in handy whether or not you are wearing thick boots or comfortable shoes, you can even wear them at home on a chill day.  

Woman wearing thick socks and comfortable shoes for family days out.

With all of these incredible accessories, you don’t need to worry about being cold for winter adventures! If you invest in some of these pieces, they are beautiful things you’ll have forever! 

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