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What We’ve Been Up To : October 2020

We are back again for another round-up of the month that was October 2020. First up I need to apologise for the radio silence over the past month,. Life’s just been a bit hectic and then at times building up the momentum to blog has been tough. So instead I’ve embraced the downtime, focusing my energy on other projects in the house or with our business.

What We’ve Been Up To October 2020


With infection numbers continuing to rise rapidly we started seeing closures in schools, mostly year bubble closures but occasionally whole school closures. When we made it to the half-term holidays with neither of my children requiring to take time away from school for illness or isolation reasons, we breathed a sigh of relief (believe me it was short-lived!).

Early in October, the government introduced a tier system. Tier 1 for areas for low infection rates to tier 3 for areas with high infection rates. Immediately it was obvious that Liverpool had to be placed in tier 3 due to an alarming increase in infections. This was closely followed by Lancashire, Greater Manchester and various counties on the east coast.

Example of the covid tier system that was put into place early in October.

After a rocky start, people started to accept this new system, letting it run its time and seeing what happened. It soon became apparent it wasn’t working, despite “Uncle Boris” saying this was the only option we could go with.

Suddenly, out of nowhere a new “magical option” was found.

At the end of November, the magical option was announced and a bombshell hit. We were going to go back into a National Lockdown from the 5th November. (More about that next month).


The kids continue to thoroughly enjoy school. Lewis has settled in wonderfully to the life in a secondary school, bagging himself a couple of positive notes for his efforts. Meanwhile, Leah has had a couple of settling in issues (due to her anxieties) her teacher has helped immensely.

Days Out

Following on from the traditions of going back to school we really haven’t ventured very far, during term time or even during the half-term break. Instead, we made the most of some of the warm and dry weather that October brought with it and spent hours in the archery field keeping away from crowded places.


I kept this news away from our September update as I was unsure of what the outcome would be at the time. But in August, we applied for a place for Lewis on the Archery GB Junior National Age Group Academy. Early in October, the news came that it was approved! This has really given Lewis the motivation to better his skills and focus for his future in Archery too. During the half-term break, Lewis went for his first day camp with Archery GB and has been having weekly meetings with his coach too.

Lewis practising his archery with his coach.

Well, thats all I have for October 2020.

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Stay safe and thank you for reading.


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